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Our vision is to be as educational as an institution, but as simple as Netflix. Inside you'll experience courses designed to deliver top level educational material, that focuses on the fundamental skills to build a foundation for a new business, or help in expanding the vision and reach of your current one.

We're not just for beginners, either. You can check out several levels of difficulty inside several of our topic categories, and expand upon your working knowledge to cover more ground.

A Peek At Some Foundational Classes

Take our SEO classes to begin building the foundation of your online empire, or hone your chops with advanced content.

Want to learn how to get a 40:1 return on your messaging? Hop into our email marketing classes to break the income ceiling.

Looking to make a solid passive income by referring awesome products? Dive into affiliate marketing.

Want to build a publishing empire? Take a peek at our content marketing classes to own your market.

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You read that right. We don't believe in "gatekeeping" or dripping content to our members. You get 100% of what's currently available, and new classes will be added on a regular schedule to add value and keep up with the market demand. Start anywhere you like, and dive into other classes at your leisure. Nothing is held back for "long term members", all we have to offer is ready to access as soon as you log in to your dashboard.

Here’s Your Chance To Have A Plan Tomorrow

You don’t have to join, you can leave this page now and your life will stay the same. You’ll wake up tomorrow with the same challenges and troubles you’ve had. No new hope on the horizon.

Or, you can join today for less than $20 bucks, and wake up with plenty of content and strategy to build your business tomorrow. Wake up with enough content in your back pocket to scale your business above and beyond your current limitations.

You can join today, and have a ready to go action plan and solutions for your business growth problems.

Or, leave this page and go it on your own. We all have choices we have to make, and yours is entirely up to you. It is your business, after all.

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What courses Are Inside A Better Way Of Business?

Inside we cover Facebook, Google, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. We'll be adding new content regularly on a variety of digital marketing and revenue generating topics, so keep checking back in to see what's being added!

How Do I cancel My Membership?

You can cancel at anytime without having to ask anyone. Just go to your profile inside, select “settings” and choose “billing.” You’ll have a button to cancel your account immediately. However, if you cancel and still have x days left in your billing cycle you’ll still be able to login for all x days until your billing cycle finishes.

Refunds only happen in your first 30 days if you decide you don’t like what you see inside. After that, you can cancel at any time, but can’t refund previous months billing.